Monday 16 July 2007

new work

Here is the latest embroidery, ready for framing. It is inspired by a garden at Chelsea Flower Show. I love irises and the effects of light.

Sunday 15 July 2007


I went on a course given by a local woodcutter. This is something I've always wanted to do, and I hoped it would take me out of my embroidery mindset, and point me in new directions. All part of the book idea, so that although I'm working hard for exhibitions, I feel a little more confident about changing my direction at some future time. Not giving up embroidery, but extending it.

another woodcut

Another wood cut I have been working on.

wood cut

here is a woodcut I have been experimenting with.

Thursday 12 July 2007

A necklace for the WI

I have been making this for the local show- the WI ( Womens Institute) have a stand. The competition brief is an embroidered necklace.

Sunday 8 July 2007

sunny sunday

A lovely day after all the rain. Friends came to stay and we walked by the sea. I must work tomorrow on my embroideries.

visitors this weekend

walking with friends this sunday

Wednesday 4 July 2007

some embroideries

first post

Here is my first posting. Today the weather here in sW england is very wet despite it being july. However a good day for working at my embroideries inside at my sewing machine. I have an exhibition coming up, so am filled with panic. I started this to try and concentrate my mind towards a new direction- making artists books. This is very new.